My IMATS Haul......Velour Lashes

Now I am not sure that I can give these a decent review as I have not worn them yet, and I don't want to waste them, so I will only be wearing these on my next night out, so all I am going to talk about is what I think by looking at them :)

All these lashes together cost me £42.00
The lashes I bought are You Complete Me, Got It From My Momma and Style Me Kardashian.

I had heard a lot about these lashes and I was going to buy them online but when I saw they would be at IMATS I waited till then, my initial thoughts about these are they have gorgeous packaging, really high quality! My lashes are "safe" in there and not going to get damaged.

The lashes themselves feel very soft, not that plastic feeling you get from most false lashes,  I cant tell you about how they feel when worn as I have not tried them yet.  You get a lot of uses from one pair of lashes, I had originally heard over 40, but on the back of the packaging it says 25 uses! That's still amazing!  But only if its true.

Style Me Kardashian

You Complete Me

Got It From My Momma

I cannot wait to have a night out and try these, at least I will be able to give a proper review then!!  Has anyone else tried these??? what are they like to apply and how do they feel on??? You can buy them here.

Thanks for reading x


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