My IMATS Haul...Eyeshadows (Sugarpill, Lime Crime, Inglot and Nyx)

Warning....Long post alert!

I have done soooooo much swatching today!!  I wanted it done and I really wanted to see what the quality of these eyeshadows were and how pigmented. I also visited the websites of all the companies who made the eyeshadows so I could get the prices for you, I think I got some a lot cheaper at IMATS and I think one palette cannot be bought in the UK yet, unless you try ebay.  I am going to start with the Sugarpill Pro Palette.

Top row from left to right
Shades are called:-
Acidberry, Velocity, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Dollipop and Afterparty.

Bottom row from left to right
Shades are called :-
2am, Mochi, Love +, Poison Plum, Midori and Tako.

Love love LOVE this palette, it is basically all the Addicted to Pretty palettes all in one, the pigmentation of these shadows are omg fantastic!! A little bit of fallout but to be honest I expected that, I've had that with Sugarpill before with the Cold Chemistry palette, the colours are so vibrant and I cannot wait to try different looks with them, little bit concerned I am a little old now to be wearing such bright colours, I am like a magpie attracted to shiny things when I see bold and bright eyeshadows!

I did think they would stain my skin, as most bold colours do (especially Urban Decay Electric Palette) and I was pleasantly surprised when they didn't!!!  I think out of all the colours in this palette Poison Plum and Tako are my favourite and I think I will wear them the most.  This palette cost me £60.00 at IMATS London which is a bargain! I couldn't walk away from it!  As I said before, all the shades in the pro palette are from their Addicted to Pretty range so you could buy them that way, but it works out really expensive, I cannot find a general release date for the pro palette anywhere so if anyone knows, please comment below.  You can buy"some"of the Sugarpill range at Love Make Up and at Sugarpillshop, but if you don't live in the USA, you would have to pay a lot for shipping.

Next Palette.....Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette

 From left to right..Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple and Atlanteal

Now, the main reason I bought this as I saw it out the corner of my eye when I was looking at Lime Crime's Velvetine Lip Stains, it was £19.00 at the show, most other places I have seen this tend to have it for £24.00, not a huge bargain but it was an impulse purchase while I fought people for a tube of the Red Velvet and if I am totally honest....I bought this for the cute has a unicorn on it!! how can I not love it!

I swatched these and while I thought they were nice, quite sheer but are quite pigmented.  As with the Sugarpill eyeshadows, there was fallout from these, but A LOT more than Sugarpill...

They made quite a mess...I put my arm in it and it ended up all over my black leggings!  Every time I swirled the brush on the eyeshadow there was sooo much waste!  I tried using my fingers and that was a little better, I think I either need to just use my fingers for this palette or be very very gentle with a brush.  I don't think I will buy any more Lime Crime eyeshadow palettes, I'm just going to stick to their lip stains. (unless anyone can find a good dupe for those!)  I'm sat here looking at this and thinking...."But but the packaging is soooo nice!".  You can buy this palette at Love Make Up for £23.99, I have looked at the reviews on that site and I just don't agree with 5 out of 5 for this....Unless I got a dud or I am doing something wrong...ahh well nevermind :)

Next palette is....Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System (with Rainbow Eyeshadows)

From left to right :-
116R, 107R, 120R, 119R and 115R

From left to right..116R, 107R, 120R

119R and 115R

I hope these swatches are okay, I tried to get a good swatch of each individual shade in the Rainbow eyeshadows, I think I did alright :)

I really love this palette, I have been playing with it since I bought it, this is the first Freedom System I have bought from Inglot even though I have seen quite a few bloggers talk about them I never got around to buying one as there isn't a Inglot close to me and I like to see before I buy (sometimes), Inglot have numbers instead of names for their eyeshadows and I couldn't get the eyeshadows out of the system so I had to find them all online instead!  That was a little difficult as they had so many that looked alike!  Now the problem I have with this palette is I really cannot remember how much I paid for it at IMATS! I just remember what my "total" was, I bought a large Freedom System, this one with all the eyeshadows and a gel eyeliner, which all came to £43.00, I have found their UK website and they sell the Rainbow eyeshadows for £6.00 each and the Freedom System palette itself for £7.00, I am sorry I cannot be more specific on what I paid for this at IMATS :(

These eyeshadows are really great, nicely pigmented and they blend really well, and no staining! I used my fingers and a brush to blend these eyeshadows and both worked really well, because I also bought the big 40 eyeshadow square, I plan on buying more Inglot eyeshadows and using this small 5 space one to keep in my everyday makeup. Like a kid (as usual) I love playing with this palette as its magnetic....I love new toys!

You can buy the Rainbow eyeshadows here and the Freedom System palettes here.

Only one more!!

And lastly.....Nyx Gliterati Glitter Cream Palette

Didn't have any shade names on the back!

So shiny!

This palette was another impulse buy, like I said before I am a magpie when it comes to bright colours and shiny things, this palette was £5.00 at IMATS so it wasn't too bad, but to be honest I cannot really see me wearing any of these shades, maybe just a tiny wee bit over a eyeshadow to make it pop a little on a night out, when the light catches the eyeshadows it really does look lovely, but I think I will give this one to a younger cousin who is addicted to all things glitter!

As for quality, some of them spread better than others, but you really need to use a lot to get a good shade, some were more gel like and some were very chunky, bit of a hit and miss, I wouldn't have bought this if it was full price...I am sure if I don't give this away I will find a use for it in the end :) You can buy this palette here, it is £14.99.

And we are done!! Sorry for this being a really long read!

Thanks for reading..this looong post :))


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