My IMATS Haul!!

Sorry for the lack of pics of the attention was elsewhere..mainly Sugarpill and Inglot :P

I'm sat here with a glass of cheap wine chilling after a hard day of is so hard :O  My feet are killing me after so much walking and all I want to do is dive into the bath put some music on and go mmmmmmmmmmmm :)  I wanted to get a few pics up on here first before I did that, show you what I bought, because I will not have tried them yet I wont really give an opinion about them, I am going to swatch all the eyeshadows I got in the next couple of days so look out for that post.   I am just going to put the random ones of the event up first...then the haul :)

Girls at Sugarpill look fantastic!!

This was the Nars stall, you couldn't get near it, you cant see the huge queue!

Loved picking eyeshadows on the Inglot stand

I just stared at MAC for ages, such a huge stand!

Spotted! finally found some Lime Crime!

Touched these and fell in love...on my wish list!

Got no money now!

This is everything grouped together that I purchased, I can only remember a couple of the prices of some of them so I'm sorry for not being able to give more accurate prices on them, but I will try to find them all online and give you normal retail price :)

All the eyeshadows I bought :)  I am going to swatch them all in the next few days, plus I need to track down what the palette names are as the only one I remember is the Sugarpill Pro Palette :) (top right) and the Inglot Freedom System palette (bottom right) but I cant find the shade names for them, I will track them down when I do the swatches.

This is the Velour lashes, OCC Tarred and Feathered lip balm, Lime Crime Velvetines Red Velvet , Sugarpill Blending Brush, Inglot Gel Eyeliner 77 and a empty Inglot Freedom System palette.

I will make a new post with prices, names and swatches soon, I am happy with what I bought overall, I would have liked to have bought more brushes, I have fell in love with the Wayne Goss ones which you can buy here, now I have felt how soft they are, I am going to save for them :)

Thanks for reading x


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