My Blonde Journey.....

It all started off so well.......

I decided a few days ago that I was going to do it! I was going to go blonde...and I was going to do it all by myself.. I rushed into my local Superdrug, all excited about what I was going to do, I bought 2 boxes of "Bleach" and 1 hair dye (to start with)

2 Boxes of L'Oreal Perfect Crème Maximum Lightner £6.49 each and L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Light Iced Blonde 1010
£6.79.. (I didnt use the last one)

I rushed home and eagerly mixed the bleaching stuff together and threw it on my head, made sure I covered all of it and then sat down all excited thinking about how I would look with blonde hair and what everyone would say, would they be shocked...that's what I was hoping for :) Unfortunately in my excitement I didn't read the instructions on the bleach that says...put on lengths of hair first, put on roots after 20 mins...aaahhh, I thought never mind, ill be able to correct anything that goes wrong with another dye.  I was busy with Isabella that I ended up leaving it on my hair for nearly an hour and a half, so once I realised this I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could with my itchy scalp.

Once I had rinsed and conditioned, I looked in the mirror and I could immediately see my roots were very blonde and my lengths, I dried it with the hairdryer to see...

I was a little disappointed, well more than a little but from what I had read from other people doing this (after I had started oops) is if your hair is dark it takes more than one bleach to get it blonde, I didn't want to damage my hair any more that day so the following day I bleached again.

While it was wet it did seem to be getting lighter....I was getting frustrated at how long this was taking. I didn't wait another 24 hours before bleaching again, I said to myself, "this will work", maybe I had convinced myself that if I keep saying it, it will work, if it was dark I would have wished upon a star at that point!

At first I was determined to not look at my hair until it had completely dried, of course I couldn't stick to had lightened even more and I was very happy with that, but the orange was still there, I didn't understand I had bleached it 3 times, my roots had become practically white and I really wasn't going to put another bleach on my hair for a least a couple of weeks, so I accepted the orange :)

Once my hair had dried naturally I thought I am going to give it a blowdry to style it a bit and see how it turns out..

 (I did cheat on this, its been through a instagram filter, cant find the original)

I was happy my hair seemed alright, there was a lot of damage, especially on my ends, my scalp was very sore and I had a scab forming on the back of my neck (ew) which was really painful.  I was still a bit worried about my roots, they were all different shades of blonde, from white to yellow and I really needed to sort it out, so I decided one last colour.

£6.99 in Superdrug

I covered my roots in this, left it on for 20 mins, then put it on the rest of my hair, scalp was sore and I was dying to wash it off, after 15 mins I ran to the bathroom, got it off, deep conditioned, didn't want to blow dry and I managed to not peek for a little while :)

My roots seemed all one colour!

I was happy about my roots even tho I wouldn't know for sure until it had dried completely, one thing I was really upset about is the damage all the bleaching had done, my hair halfway down my head felt like straw and my ends felt awful, I covered my hair in loads of leave in conditioners and frizz ease to help that a little.

Bad pic I know but I was too lazy to style it again, you can see the damage on my ends

I was so happy my roots were all one colour and it looked so good, I still have a orange tint in my hair, but it isn't as noticeable or weird looking as it was to begin with.

To anyone who wants to do this at home, if your a dark brown like I was, I would personally recommend going to a hairdressers, but if your not, the tips I can give you are probably all common sense that I didn't think of at the time

1) Read the instructions, do roots last
2) Deep condition after each bleach
3) Give your hair a break for a few days
4) If your hair is very dark, it might be worth going to a hairdresser supply store or ordering online, get a stronger peroxide to mix with the bleaching powder,  you would probably only have to use it once, but remember the stronger the peroxide, the more damage it can do, so don't keep using a strong peroxide over the lengths of your hair, it would destroy it!

Thanks for reading this loooong post x


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