Losing Weight..Trying to stop the nightly fridge raid.....Day 23 :)

I am really struggling to get my eating under some sort of control, I have resolved to not get on the scales until this coming weekend to see if I can improve a little, I could use the excuse that I'm exhausted once the kids go to bed so I'm too tired to cook, but there are mums out there who do.   

I bought this on Ebay on my last diet attempt and I've had it lingering in the back of my cupboards, because nighttime eating has always been such a stumbling block for me, I thought lets give this another go, tonight will be my first night using this, if I remember rightly, it has a OK chocolate taste, nothing to fancy, but if it fills me up, I would be over the moon!! Sorry if this is a negative post, I am looking for advice, and maybe a little way for me to moan and get it off my chest :)

If anyone knows any way to help control nighttime binge eating, please please share with me :)

Thanks for reading x


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