Losing Weight (or gaining).......Day 18 :)

Well that's depressing.....

When I first started this diet, I was 12st 10lbs, it looks like I've gained a few :(

I cant really blame anyone or anything but myself, part of me wants to turn around and blame chocolate for being in my cupboards and crisps being in the drawers, or even ice cream being in the freezer, but its not their fault, its mine.  Portion control has never been my strong point, I have this idea in my head that if I save all my calories till later in the day, I can stuff my face with whatever I want...fools logic.

I cant hide from what the scale is telling me, I need to face it and stuff excusing my snacking or heaping pile after pile of food on my dinner plate and still turn around and say to everyone "I'm on a diet", its funny, as I am writing this I am sat here with a glass of Lambrini, cherry flavoured....I am sure wine doesn't have that many calories in...does it!?

So I am starting from scratch with my so called diet tomorrow, I need to do this, I need my energy back, I need to feel good about myself again, and its not all weight loss related, I'm hoping a healthier me equals a happier me :)

Thanks for reading my ramble....hope this pic makes you giggle...this is me trying to work out :O

 Bit red in the face there Rach....


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