L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Sunkiss Jelly - Light Brown to Dark Blonde

Update (2):- NEW GIVEAWAY!!, Just added a new giveaway post where you can win 3 unopened tubes of this :)) giveaway ends on Monday 28th July :) I will post Internationally :))

I saw this a few days ago in Boots and I had been thinking about getting it since then, in the end I bought it this morning whilst taking my youngest son to school...its quicker to take him through Boots of a morning to get to school...honestly :)

This jelly promises to gradually lighten hair with repeated applications, it says it takes 3 to 5 applications to really notice a difference, you use this like a leave in conditioner and can be used on dry or wet hair, I have it on my dry hair at the moment, it says on the box that if you use a hair dryer or sit out in the sun, it intensifies,  I have used the hairdryer for a few mins and I plan on using it again before I go back out, it feels like I've used way to much leave in conditioner!  Hair feels "coated" but its not too bad.  It says it has no ammonia in, which is brilliant as I've destroyed my hair in the past with constant bleaching. 

Current state of my hair...messy :0

It smells like hair dye and a friend of mine could smell it when she was sat next to me, its not too overpowering and I think you become immune to it after having it on for a few hours.

Now my hair is slightly darker than they "recommend" so it might not work at all or might require more applications, we will soon see.

I will post an update on this soon. It costs £4.99 in Boots (offer price), Boots is the only place I have seen this so far. 

Thanks for reading x

UPDATE (1) :- After using this for a few days I had a lovely sunkissed look, just lightened my hair a few shades without bleaching it, I think this would be gorgeous on longer hair to make an ombre effect, just putting this on your ends :))  I am considering going blonde after using this.


  1. I am desperately trying to find this product in the US! That's how I found your blog. Thanks so much for your review on this product. Are you in the US?

    1. No lovely I'm in the UK, I have 2 tubes left from when u originally got this before I decided to go really blonde, I could send them to you if you like?? Just email me :)) rachelscotty81@gmail.com

    2. I meant when "I" lol, hard to type and feed the baby

  2. I really want to try this! Do you have a picture of after? I want to ombre/sun kiss my hair and this sounds like just the stuff!

    Love your blog btw.

    Sam xo


    1. Unfortunatly because I pretty much decided after using this product that I was going to go blonde I forgot to take a picture :((( thankyou lovely x


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