John Frieda Frizz Ease Serums

I have bought 3 of the serums of this range, it has changed a few times over the years since it first came out, oh my god I feel very old now!  I bought the Miraculous Recovery, Perfect Finish and Extra Strength serums.

Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Creme Serum

This is an intense repair serum which visibly transforms my dry frizzy hair into silky smooth healthier looking hair *swishes hair*.  To use only need one pump on short hair, two on longer, rub the creme in your hands and apply to dry or wet hair, don't put this near your roots or you will have a greasy head!

I really did like this product it worked really well on my frizzy barnet and it did appear to seal my frizz ends a little tiny bit.  I prefer to stick this one on dry hair as a pre walking out the door smoother upper (is that really a word) but it doesn't really feel like I have loads of product on my hair.  I will be buying this one again once I run out, which I think will be a while.

You can buy this at Superdrug (its on offer at the moment) for £4.19 (offer price)

Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum

This one is designed for dry hair,  and it says on the bottle to use this on dry hair, not wet. This one I feel is a wee bit heavier than the other one, it says on the bottle to only use one pump on short to medium length hair, but I found to have the same effect as the Miraculous Recovery serum, I had to use 3 pumps of this and afterwards my head felt very greasy, I had to wash it again that night, I really didn't like this one, it was too heavy for my hair and made it feel yuck :(  I am probably going to give this one to my mum who has finer hair than me.  Not buying this one again, if I am using this one wrong, please tell me how you use this :)

You can also get this at Superdrug and its on offer too £4.19 (offer price)

Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum

Now this one is my favourite serum! I do love the Miraculous Recovery one, but I think this one has improved the overall condition of my hair, I go a wee bit overboard with this one, using 3 pumps instead of 1 (ooops). This one is just designed for wet hair, I avoid my roots and I cover the rest of my head, this has a silky feel but doesn't leave a annoying residue on you hair, or your hands, I think this was instantly absorbed into my hair, I cant say enough good things about this one, if you are only going to buy one of these serums, get this one!.  I would say this is for very dry and damaged hair.

Buy this at Superdrug whilst its still on offer, £4.19 (offer price)

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