Fail...Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnish

Oh it was such a pity! the colours in this range are gorgeous, and it promises to stay on seven days sold me there and then!

(This is in a shade called Surreal)

The consistency of this is so watery!! It was really thin, it took 3 coats to get a good coverage, but because of using so many coats, it took an age for this to dry, they were still somewhat "tacky" after 25 mins.

Now I've only been wearing this for a couple of days and they gel like shine has gone and I already have a couple of chips, there is no way this would last a week.

There is one instance I was glad this polish was watery, I managed to spill half a bottle over my iphone screen, but because it was so thin I got it off really easily!

I wouldn't buy this as you can find better quality ones for the same price, but you can buy them from here and Superdrug if you want them, my PC wont let me paste Superdrug's website :(((

Thanks for reading xx


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