Fail...Barry M Eye Shadow and Highlighter Palette Limited Edition Summer Love

This was such a promising palette....

Had some really gorgeous colours....


This looked like such a gorgeous palette and Ive had a lot of Barry M products before, I've never tried their eyeshadows so I thought I would give it a go....I was so disappointed :(

First of all, the packaging looked okay from the outside, but on the inside it was cheap, it felt like the eyeshadows would come out very easily when moving a brush on them, the highlighter part of it didn't feel like it was properly placed inside the palette...then you get to the actual pigment quality of them, oh my god they were awful, all sheer, glittery and you needed to keep reapplying them over and over, they are so crumbly, alot of mess and waste, the only colour to look okay ish was the mint green at the end of the palette and that had to be applied 3 times to get a decent colour.

I will definitely not be buying anymore Barry M eyeshadows, I will be sticking to their nail polish!

Did any of you use this palette, did you like it?

Thanks for reading x


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