Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

I've been using Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Mousse for a while and I adore it, its the best tan I have used and when I saw this on FeelUnique I thought I would give it a go.

I love the glow that the 1 hour mousse gives me and I thought this would give me that 7 days a week, its got a nice smell, not like biscuits or weird smelling fake tan, it smells like flowers and (I think) a little like chocolate, its basically a moisturiser that contains a little bit of tan which if you use every day with give you a light glow to begin with, then slightly darker as you build it up, I have friends who have used this for a while and you can get a decent tan from it when you use it a lot.

I think it even looks like melted chocolate!  I started using this a couple of days after doing my usual tan and this kept it "topped up" and I was surprised how good this was on my skin, tan lotions usually dry it out but my skin felt soft and silky after using this, I plan on not using the 1 hour mousse as much as I did, I am going to use this instead :)

Cocoa Brown products are available from Primark, Superdrug and feelunique

Thanks for reading x


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