Wonder if these work...... Vitabiotics Perfectil Multivitamins

I've been looking for a multivitamin for a while that is designed for skin hair and nails, most are so expensive so I thought I would try a cheaper one (probably regret that lol)  this is on offer at the moment because of Superdrugs 50th birthday, it costs just £3.34 at the moment, you get 30 tablets in each pack.

You have just one per day with your main meal, I am "hoping" these will help my skin as I have psoriasis quite badly on my body, and some of my friends have said taking multivitamins designed for skin hair and nails have helped them, I am probably wrong and these might not do anything at all, but does anyone know any multivitamins that are good for skin??

Thanks for reading x


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