Review/Swatches :- Urban Decay Electric Pallete

First thing I'm going to say about this palette is OMG GORGEOUS! I love this, the colours are WOW, really bright, really pigmented shades, mattes and some with shimmer, I've used this a few times already, mainly the shade Slowburn as its a gorgeous coral and goes with so many outfits I own, alot of people think this palette is a little over the top and way too bright for them, and they wouldn't use it alot so it would be a waste of money, its not, this palette is so versatile, I think you can use it for eyeliner, to add more dramatic colours to lips on top of your favourite lipstick, or you could go all out and do a really bright look with this!  There are lots of looks using this on you tube, one youtuber, who's blog is called  Vintage or Tacky, she does tutorials, with this and other palettes, this is her channel Vintage or Tacky Youtube, I'm no makeup artist so I just experiment with this myself :) okay that all made sense in my head....I really cant write well :P

I got this for mothers day this year and it had only been out one day, it comes with a brush that you can use for blending, its not pictured above as its in with my makeup brushes, its just a normal brush nothing special about it, I've used Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion underneath these swatches, but you don't really need too

From Left to Right :- Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe

From Left to Right :- Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Thrash

The only negative thing I can say about these eyeshadows are there is quite a bit of fallout from them, you only need a tiny bit of product to get a nice look, but the fallout was annoying, but I find most Urban Decay eyeshadows have fallout, but the colour payoff makes them worth it :)) just make sure you do your eyes first!

This was bought from Urban Decay from Debenhams in liverpool, it costs £38

Thanks for reading :)


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