Review :- Soap and Glory Hand Food and Heel Genius

These are both empty bottles now....I have had these since Christmas and they are fantastic! I do love most Soap and Glory stuff but after Peaches and Clean, these are my second and third favourite :)

Hand Food is the left one, Heel Genius is on the right

Hand Food (you can buy it here)

I am not one who really uses a specific hand cream, I've always just used whatever body lotion I have at the time on my hands and feet, but I got this as part of a Christmas set, I have used this most of the time since then, I think one 125ml bottle goes a long way. After a couple of weeks using this, my hands were softer and my nails were a lot harder, I didn't have annoying hangnails or peeling on my palms, at first I thought this was very greasy but I was amazed at how quick it soaked into my hands.  I bought a cheap pair of white cotton gloves from a shop called Poundworld (in the UK).  I have been putting a layer of this on and then putting the gloves over it, waking up in the morning with very soft hands, well worth repurchasing.

Heel Genius (you can buy it here)

As I said above I used whatever body lotions I had at the time on my hands and my feet, and at first when I started using this I thought it was rubbish, there was no change to my skin on my feet at first, not like how quick the Hand Food worked, so I stopped using this and left it, until I watched a review by Miss Budget Beauty and she showed how you are supposed to use this, its basically a mask you can leave on and not wash off, she used this with a pair of socks and she was impressed with the difference, so that night I tried it and wow! my feet were soft, my feet looked amazing, the best I've seen them in years, the cream also made removing tough skin on my heels easier.  I used this every single night till I ran out, and I have just started my second bottle now, I have recommended this to so many members of my family who have dodgy feet and they are impressed with it, just remember...use the socks!

Glad I finally got around to reviewing these, sorry if I just mumble on a bit.

Thanks for reading x


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