Review:- Nspa Beauty Rituals Spa Treatment Masks

Another Nspa product.....I do love them :)))

I've used one box of these so far over a couple of weeks, most of the Nspa range is almost always on some type of offer so I like to mix and match, this one was part of there 2 for £8

I tried the face cloth one first, felt really weird putting that on, I looked like a serial killer, scared the crap out of the kids, don't use these around your kids!!  It felt nice and cool and calming on my skin, they are full of Papaya and other enzymes, I think that might have resurfaced my skin a little bit, its full of Vitamin E, C and Pro-Vitamin B5, they are really very wet so you may get a little running down your neck while your wearing it, I just massaged that into my skin,  I took it of after 10 to 15 mins (once the kids had calmed down from scary mum) I massaged all the excess fluid into my skin for a min then I rinsed it off.

My skin felt fresh, a little bit tight tho, wasn't really expecting that and it was itchy afterwards and quite a lot of redness, but all of that calmed down after an hour or so, I do think these might be a little too much for my skin, or I shouldn't leave them on as long.

The eye mask is just a little tiny piece of cloth to stick just under your eye (obviously rach) it was the same as the face mask for me, it did feel good at first, and it was lovely and cooling after a long day, but it didn't really do anything for me, I have quite noticeable dark circles and puffiness under my eyes and this didn't do much to that, I left them on for 5 mins, as with the face one, I had very itchy skin under my eyes.

I would say if you have normal or oily skin to give these a try, but they are nothing to shout out about.  I have made better face masks than these.

You can buy them at Asda for £10, or you can get more Nspa stuff for 2 for £8.00

Thanks for reading x


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