Review :- Nspa Beauty Rituals and Bathing Rituals...Part 2 :P

Bought a mix of Nspa stuff today in Asda, I do really love their products as the stuff I have used so far has been really great, especially Hot Cloth Cleanser, I bought a mask, a body cream and a nail and hand cream.

The Body Firm Cream (middle above) I only bought because I noticed out the corner of my eye it had been reduced to £1!!!, they don't have it on their website so check your local Asda and see!!!  It smells good and doesn't feel greasy or leave a residue on your skin, I have only used it once, I found it was okay but I have lots of other moisturisers that do just as good, still for a £ was worth it!

The Replenishing Moisture Mask (end right) cost £2.50, I bought this for my mum who suffers from really dry skin, because Ive been telling her how good the Nspa stuff is, she is going to have a go, god I hope she likes it or I will never hear the end of it! I did put a little on the back of my hand before I gave it to her, feels light, spreads easily, smells sweet, I actually left it on for over an hour because I forgot about it, when I did wash it off the back of my hand was really soft, so it looks like it works....think I might go get this for myself

The Jojoba and White Musk Hand and Nail Cream was £2, I recently ran out of Soap and Glory Hand Food and I wanted to see if anything a little bit cheaper was just as good, my hands get very dry, I like to get a pair of cotton gloves and coat my hands in the cream, put the gloves on top and leave it overnight, not used this yet I will be tonight, it smells good I do like the smell of white musk, just hope its not too "perfumed" for my skin.

I do love this brand and most of the stuff is cheap enough to give it a try :)

Thanks for reading x


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