Review :- No7 Lovely Lashes Black Mascara

Oh my god I love this mascara!!! love love love LOVE it!

I got this a month or so ago and only recently started using it as I've been using the Loreal Miss Manga one, but I found that did aggravate my eyes after a while so I was looking out for a gentler one, and came across this by accident, it doesn't say its for sensitive eyes or anything like that, It has argan oil in it to strengthen your lashes and it glides on so easily, a little goes a long way and I find I don't have to coat my mascara on, I don't even have to curl my lashes before I use it if I just want a subtle look.  The brush is nothing special, I've seen it on a load of other mascaras

What sells me on this is how good it is on my sensitive eyes and how much volume it gives my lashes without masses of coats, if like me you have sensitivity around your eyes, and your looking for a mascara that doesn't make you feel like you want to pull your eyes out! give this a go, in the bigger boots stores they will test this on you first if you like, I recommend this as you can walk away and see how you react before buying this.

I thought I would take a pic of my eyes with it on, I'm not such a great photographer lol

This is from Boots and is part of there premium make up brand called No7, it costs £12.95, you get 7ml of product.

Thanks for reading :))


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