Review :- Maybelline Browdrama Sculpting Brow Mascara

I've had this in my makeup bag for a while and as usual I forgot about it!  But I finally started using it a few days ago, at first I though this would be a cheaper version of Benefit's Gimme Brow

It's not really anything like it, its not got any fibres in like the Benefit one, its basically, just a "mascara" for you eyebrows, don't get me wrong, their is nothing wrong with that, I just expected a little more maybe...

The brush is a strange shape and alot of product gathers at the top so you have to have a steady hand to use this or lean your elbow on something, me being a bit of an idiot put this straight on my brows which gave me a lovely clumpy look :P  Its not a bad product, its just a bit "meh" it styles your brows and holds them in place, it doesn't fill them in so use a pencil or powder first...these are my brows with it on (please excuse the messiness) with no extra products, just this....

Gives you a very slight tint, brushes them out a bit...but that's it, personally, I wouldn't buy this again, total waste of money, thank god it was only a £5, if you want to purchase this you can get it here

Thanks for reading x


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