Review :- Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

I recently had a mini break out of patchy dry skin on my face, it looked angry and it was really sore,  I have been using mostly Soap and Glory products as well as Nspa on my face most of the time and it just seemed to throw a "wobbly",

I was using Aqueous Cream for a couple of days and tho that got rid of the redness, I was starting to get spots, but the minute I used any of my other products, my skin would go dry and horrible again so I started to look on line for a gentle cleanser and came across this.

Its a really soft cream, I actually think it feels very similar to E45 cream, but maybe a little richer, I only needed a very small amount to cover my whole face and neck, I had been wearing makeup and to be honest I didn't expect this to clear that at all, so I covered my eyelids with it,  left it on for a couple of minutes, the rinsed.  Well I was pleasantly surprised!!! not only had it taken all my foundation off it had removed my waterproof mascara, and best of itching!! no dry feeling!! my skin felt calm again.

Now I still love my Soap and Glory products and I still use them for my face, but whenever I start to get alot of dry skin and redness, I switch to this for a week and it its all good again :)

People might say you should just use this all the time.......but I love experimenting with different products too much!  At least I know what will calm my skin now without me coating my face in Aqueous Cream and looking like a ghost and scaring the kids....again :P

I only bought the smaller pot of this, you can get a larger one, but for how often I use this I didn't see the point, I bought 45g for £6.95 from Lush

Thanks for reading x


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