Review :- George Eye Primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion Dupe!) and (some) swatches

Oh my God this stuff is amazing for the price!! I've used it a few times now and I can say I will defo be purchasing this again, in fact I think when I do my Asda shop tomorrow, I will be buying a couple more of these!!  For those of you in the UK can buy it here.  It's £3!!!

I have been comparing this to my Urban Decay Primer Potion which is great stuff and makes my eyeshadows last all day or night, it costs £16 in Debenhams, I've used this for years most other ones I have tried either leave a very greasy film on my eyelid or I have a mild reaction  to them, I have even tried putting primer designed for the face on my eyelids! regretted that in the morning! woke up with 2 very sore and swollen eyes!

Now I am no makeup expert, I only know what seems to work for me, and this eye primer from Asda has been brilliant, I've had no allergic reactions and I find this is a lighter cream than the Urban Decay one, soaks in quick, you can feel a very light residue but I have that with the more expensive one too.


The Urban Decay primer has 11ml of product, the Asda one has 8ml, both rub in easily and my eyeshadows stick well to both.  I have done a swatch of eyeshadows on my arms, one arm has Urban Decay's primer on and the other has Asda's on,  the palette I have used for this is Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry, which you can buy here, gorgeous shades!! I love this palette so much, it was my first one from Sugarpill, these shades are very pigmented, they do have quite a bit of fallout.  My left arm has Asda's eye primer on :-

They glide on over the primer, these colours are, from left to right.....Soot & Stars, Elemental Chaos and Diamond Eyes, there is one shade missing from this swatch called Subterranean, but I couldn't find a clean make up brush and didn't want to dirty it up with one I had already used.  This is the right arm that has Urban Decay's primer on...

My hands were not as steady applying them to this arm (right handed) same shades as before (missing Subterranean ), these glided on easily as my eyeshadows always do with Urban Decay's primer.

As I've said before, I'm no makeup artist, I'm not even that good with makeup but I'm trying to learn, and I love trying new things, new techniques and I love finding something very cheap that is like a more expensive brand!  For £3 I would buy this primer over the Urban Decay one, there is such a massive price difference and I personally think they work the same :))

Sorry if this review is all over the place I'm trying to get my little one to agree to go to sleep....may take some time :0

Thanks for reading x


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