Review :- Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse and a tip!!!

I've had this tan for a while and only started using it about a month ago after watching other beauty bloggers talk about it, I've never had much luck with self tan as I have patches of psoriasis on my skin and they do tend to "cling" to those, especially around my hands and feet, I know everyone is going to say "Exfoliate!", I did, over and over again and I kept getting the same problem so I gave up.  Then I found this in Superdrug, I had seen it in Primark when I was in one of their never ending queues and I was tempted to buy it then but got distracted by my little girl deciding she wanted to scream the place down :P

So when I did eventually get round to wanting to try this out and see how it went, I googled every tip and every hit anyone had, of course I exfoliated, but I didn't know you are meant to do that for a few days before,  I shaved a day before too, because if you do it immediately before the tan soaks into the pores on your legs and gives your brown spots!!  I do wish I would have googled this all a long time ago, also not to use a oily moisturiser.....alot of people would say that's a easy one to remember but I didn't have a clue.....but the best tip someone gave me was for my hands and feet, they said once you've done your tan everywhere else, use a clean makeup brush and apply the tan to your hands and feet with that!! 

I was apprehensive, didn't think it would work, thought it would streak, but I did it. I did my body first and left my hands and feet till last, I used a tanning mitt to apply and it was so easy to apply with that, its a mousse so its very light but you can also see where you've already put tan so you don't over apply (which I did ALOT with other tans), I cleaned my blusher brush, dried it off and sprayed a little of the tan on the mitt then dipped the brush in and applied it lightly to my feet first, blending it, then I did each hand....then I only had to do the "tan dance" for a few mins to let it dry.

I left the tan on for an hour, didn't want to leave it on longer in case I cocked it up, washed it off and I was left with a lovely glow, and my hands and feet were not dark orange!!!I am so impressed this tan, my skin didn't smell of tan, and best of all, I wasn't scratching myself to bits afterwards.  I will leave this on for two hours next time and take a pic of before and afterwards to show you!  On the bottle it says 1 hour for a light glow, 2 hours for a medium tan and 3 hours for a deeper colour :)

I got this in Superdrug but they do sell it on Feel Unique, and in Primark, its only £7.99 which is not too expensive for a decent fake tan :)

Thanks for reading x


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