Review :- Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Mask.......god thats a mouthful!

This is the first Charles Worthington products I have bought in years...feel old now!

I was after something new and this caught my eye, if I am was the flippy lid that caught my eye...I have dropped so many conditioner pots into the bath with me, or they have slid off and gone into the water!  

Why hasn't this been used earlier lol!!  I have only used this twice, and I would usually use something a bit longer before saying how good or crap it is, but I really like this, I have really damaged hair from constantly colouring it, bleaching it till its white and then making it bright red, I had to get my hair cut really short and I promised myself no more colouring!!....that lasted a week I think...never mind lol

My ends felt really smooth after using this, it says to leave it on for just a minute but I left it on for probably half an hour with a hot towel wrapped around my head, I do usually put in quite a lot of leave in conditioner after I wash my hair but I didn't after this, my hair felt soft, smooth, but not heavy like it was coated with all kinds of crap, smells really nice too!! (I just got conditioner up my nose...ew)

Going to use it again tomorrow night, a lot of other people are saying it leaves build up residue in their hair after a while, so I will see if that happens to me....hopefully not

You can buy it at Boots for £5.99

Thanks for reading x


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