Review :- Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Wearing it in the pic :)

Bourjois has been a favourite brand of mine for as long as I can remember wearing makeup..feel old now, I have tried most of their foundations and there have been some fantastic ones and some "meh" ones, this one is fantastic!

I love this foundation, it's so light and gives my skin a lovely glow, their are 2 versions of this, one is the gel (serum) and the other one is a normal liquid foundation, I have used both and I prefer the gel, just find it lighter on my skin and not as thick, I use this as my main foundation every day.

Its a light to medium coverage, probably more medium, I've applied this with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I have used my fingers before and a buffing brush.

I think this is more for people with normal/dry skin, I would steer clear if you have oily skin as I think it would give you waaay to much shine. 

It's claim to last for 16 hours is a bit far fetched, I got 8 hours ish before I thought it needed to be reapplied, but I don't know who would need 16 hours on a foundation?!?

Healthy Mix is a really fab foundation and I will be repurchasing this when I run out, which will be a while as I only use 2 pumps on my entire face, just hope they don't change the formulation on this...*cough Happy Light cough*

You can buy it at Boots (link is for the gel/serum one) for £7.99 (on offer at the moment)

Thanks for reading x


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