Review :- Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

The world has been  inundated with so many BB and CC creams!  There are so many of them available to suit all budgets and all skin types, with different types of coverage and finishes.

I have bought quite a few BB and CC creams in the past year or 2, never used one till the end of the tube before I start another, I've had ones which make my skin matte, or dewy, ones that have been as heavy as foundation, didn't like those ones, I've had ones that sink into every wrinkle on my face and it looked awful.

I got this one as a last minute purchase on my way out of Superdrug, I like most Bourjois products and I do have alot of  them so why not add this one to the list.

I put it on when I got home (I'm very impatient) instantly, it made my panda eyes less noticeable and brightened my skin, without any foundation on!! This has 3 colour pigments in and an SPF of 15,  I find this is just like a tinted moisturiser and it feels a little like a silicone based first.

After a couple of hours my skin started to feel quite dry, I looked in the mirror and it had basically all gone, panda eyes were back, and I looked just as red and washed out as before.  The cream had appeared to just soak into my skin and that was it, all it left me with is dry skin.

To be honest, I regret buying this, initially I found it superb, but after a couple of hours it was "meh" and it did dry my skin out, I would only use this under a foundation now, which I am going to try tomorrow, or maybe put a tiny bit of moisturiser on my face first before putting this on, I loved its initial effects on my face, but its not long wearing at all.

This is £9.99 in Superdrug, the shade I have used is 32 Beige Clair.

Thanks for reading x


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