Losing Weight.....Day Two :)

Thought I would show you a before working out pic :)

Day 2.....

Still sticking to my diet, might have gone a little too far and really undercut my calories yesterday but not making that mistake again.  Ive been drinking loads of water, juicing and drinking BodyByVi shakes, eating dinners of chicken and vegetables, god this is so boring!! This is why I give up on diets, people will say there is loads out there for you to choose from when your dieting, but I say if its not as tasty as a Krispy Kreme donut I don't care...mmmmmmm donuts :)

Fighting the urge to climb on the scales, really really REALLY want to, that was another pitfall in my past diets...daily weighing, not going to do that again.

Ive just done a workout tonight, I always get my energy around 6pm so I thought why not, I did the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Method which was pure hell, lots of abdominal exercises, but I stuck with it (mostly) till the end.  I followed that with the beginning of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.....I only did that because I've had it for ages and it fell out of the case that has all the workout DVDs in :P  Managed 15 mins with that before collapsing in a heap shouting profanities at Jillian.

Took a break at this point to check Facebook :P

I have a heart rate monitor and it also has a calorie counter, so this workout burned a total of....

Not bad for me :)

Feeling really sore and probably pushed myself a little too hard, but I just wanted to push myself tonight and really go for it, determined to lose this weight!  Its funny as I am typing this I am looking towards the cupboard that has loads of sweets in it! Really should move the PC!

Stuck this pic in because I don't care how I look, I am proud of being red faced and sweaty...ew

Hopefully I can continue this, day by day

Thanks for reading x


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