Losing Weight......Day 6 :)

Just thought I would do a update on my diet... first 3 days were really good, I was following a plan, getting exercise and eating really healthily until...I found crisps in the cupboard :O with my little girl fast asleep I thought one bag of crisps wont hurt, one turned into two, two turned into 3 and before I realised it (playing dumb here now) I had eaten 3 bags of crisps and a whole box of Jaffa cakes..

My mood went a little bit low after that, I got into a mainframe of I ruined the day already so I can eat what I want, and I preceded to do so.

After some self pity and maybe a teeny weeny bit of chocolate, I started again, I've done alright today I am well inside my calorie allowance so I'm feeling really good about that, maybe even give the gym a visit tonight :)

Thanks for reading x


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