Review :- Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid in Forbidden

This colour is sooo pretty! its definitely a girly pink :)  I saw these in the Illamasqua store in Liverpool a few days ago and I was dying to try the range, but had to wait until payday :(

Got this shade first as I think its summery and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone with my lip makeup this year and try colours I normally wouldn't because I feel too old to.

After giving my dry lips a scrub and a bit of lipbalm, I wait a little while and then use this, it glides on and dries very quickly, its very pigmented and I only did one coat, its a bit sticky I think for a little while, not too long, so if you can hold off doing any kissing, eating or drinking for that time you ll be fine :)

If you have very dry lips I wouldn't use this...buuut if you really want to just give your lips a scrub as I said before, but this time put a coat of Vaseline and then lipbalm on top of your lips, leave that for a good half an hour (a friends tip and she has bad dry lips)

As the day went on with this on, it didn't fade, it stayed put for most of the day, I only had to reapply after a visit to the gym, I did want to put it through its paces!!! I am going to buy the other shades of the matte lip liquids, will be interesting to see what colours you can get when you mix them together, I have seen quite a few people do that with other matte lip products.

There is only one thing I would say is a is VERY hard to get off, the swatch I did on my wrist is still there and I've tried makeup remover and its still not shifting!! I'll get it off somehow...

You can buy Illamasqua's Matte Lip Liquids from here, loads of shades to choose from.

Thanks for reading x


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