Favourite Bracelets :)

I was having a look though my jewellery and stuff and decided to mess around and pick out my favourite ones at the moment :) Three of these are from the Kardashian Kollection at Argos....the Kardashians are my guilty pleasure :)

From Left to Right :-

The prices have changed a few times on all of these bracelets, so I am not going to add prices to them.

I have worn these loads since I bought them all, my favourite of them all is the Pyramid Stretch Bangle, it goes with everything, the Chunky Charm Bracelet is lovely, but its very small, so if you want to get this make sure you ask to try it on first as its really tight around my skinny wrists (only skinny part of me)

Non of these are gold and I wouldn't trust myself with "real" jewellery anyway (way to clumsy)

If you have any other Kardashian jewellery or anything similar to mine, please share :)

Thanks for reading x


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