Eyeshadow and Makeup Case Sort.......a little bit :P

Its time to sort my makeup out again, but only because I want to buy more....need the room!  It took about an hour but I think it looks all lovely and tidy now...

Sorry this pic is at this angle..wont let me change it for some reason!! The beginnings of my eyeshadow collection, not many but I'm getting there, love Urban Decay eyeshadows!!  I have just realised there are a lot of duplicates here!!!

Sorted out my makeup case into (hopefully) more organised sections.

.....Ignore the red cushion....

All my highlighters, and some blushes, put all my BB creams in the next draw, problem is they keep falling at the back so I forget what I have and repurchase the same thing over and over!

The rest of my blushes and my mascaras, some eyeliners, think I need a bigger bag.

All my odds and ends are in the main part of this bag, I have a tray that contains my day to day makeup, just makes it easier to get to when I have to do the school run and I wake up really late!

I don't even use all of these every day, I tend to stick to concealer, bit of bronzer and a bit of highlighter and some lip balm if I am really rushing it and don't want to go out looking like I've not slept for a week, I use the Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques sponge for most of my foundation and concealer, if I'm going out properly I'll make a little more effort, I will try and sort through all these for something half decent...

I'm staring at this thinking...where has half my lipstick gone!!! I think one of my cousins has been at them....I need to set traps!, my favs of these currently are the Tanya Burr lip glosses and the Revlon matte balms.  Since I was in the mood for I sort I though ahh go on do you nail polish too...

I am loving the Barry M nail polishes, so many gorgeous shades! I have a few Vinylux shades, and some Illamasqua ones, I have nearly all of the Rita Ora for Rimmel nail polishes, think there is only 2 left that I have not got, found this storage rack on ebay, they have loads of different types, I am going to buy one for my lipsticks....once I track down whoever robbed them!!

Anyway as you can see I've been really busy tonight, I just cant sleep so I had to do something!

Thanks for listening to my massive ramble :)))

Rach x


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