Review :- Lush Hair Doctor Hair and Scalp Mask and Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

UPDATE!! Lush Cosmetics are not stocking Hair Doctor at the moment, apparently due to ingredients not being available, but there are rumours about it being discontinued. 

I have made an update post about it here

Hey there :)

I just finishing a post on here and on instagram when I saw all my empty pots of the Hair Doctor stuff on my desk and thought I should give a quick review on it :)

All I can say on the Hair Doctor mask is it worked miracles on my scalp, I had scalp psoriasis so bad it was working its way down my forehead, I hated it so much it made me so down and upset, always had to have my hair up, had to be careful brushing my hair in case a clump came out, and sometimes the clump would pull hair out with it :(

Now I've been suffering with that since I was very little, I've had coal tar shampoos which stink and strip all the softness out of your hair, I've had lotions of the doctor to leave in overnight which stink and still don't seem to work, before I tried Hair Doctor, my routine was to shampoo my hair in a product called Polytar, which is very hard to get in the UK now, I would leave the shampoo on my scalp for an hour then wash it off, it "controlled" it for a couple of days then it would always come back.

After the birth of my daughter last September, my psoriasis came back with a vengeance! and by chance I was going into lush for a fresh face mask and a lip scrub, and I got talking to one of their staff about my scalp and the girl said try this Hair Doctor stuff, now at over £5 I wasn't really interested, seemed very expensive for a hair mask, but I think being so desperate to cure this I thought ok I have nothing to lose but a few pound by trying this.

I put it on that night, it recommends 20 mins to be left on the hair and scalp, I decided to leave it on for an hour, its very thick stuff and if you have long hair, you will probably only get 2, maybe 3 uses out of the pot, it tingles on the scalp, and the first thing I noticed was it took the itching away! my scalp was always itchy, and this felt like bliss!

After washing it off I didn't really pay much attention to my scalp and just left it to dry naturally, after a couple of hours I looked in the mirror and was shocked, not only was my hair so very soft, and it felt like hair, all the psoriasis behind my ears and on my forehead had gone!!! I brushed through my hair and only little bits were left!

So I decided to use the mask again the following night, I did, I left it on for an hour and all of my scalp psoriasis was GONE! I've had years and years of different things from dermatologists and GP's and this product from Lush shifted it all!!! Didn't expect it to last, I thought it was a "fluke" and I was waiting for the psoriasis to grow back on my scalp again, I didn't wash my hair for a week and there was still no psoriasis on there!!! It was around 2 weeks later that the familiar itching came back and little tiny lumps of scalp psoriasis started to come back, so now I do a treatment every week, and for the last 5 or 6 weeks ish I've not had a single flare up!!! My hair is clear, soft, feels like hair, I can put products in my hair and not have to worry about flare ups!!!

Now I know £5 ish is expensive for a hair mask, especially if you have to get it often like I do, but for something that has worked so well for me, I would pay it over and over!!!!!

The Face Mask (Cosmetic Warrior)

This is a very cooling mask for my skin, takes a lot of redness out and leaves it clean but not dry feeling I have with most other masks, my pores look smaller, any small spots I have tend to go fairly quickly after using this, I want to try the other masks in the lush range, starting to wish they had a store card!!!! Feel late in the game discovering lush :))

thanks for listening to me ramble :)

Rachel x


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