Messing Around :- CND Vinylux Tropix

Hey guys :)

Kids finally went to bed (yeey) so I thought I would paint my nails :)) I've not used this shade before and bought it a while ago so I thought "ahh go on" :))

This colour is gorgeous!! it looks quite pink on the pic but it's not, its a really lovely coral, I've tried vinylux before and I would say they don't last as long as they claim, I tend to get 4 to 5 days before it starts to chip or peel, CND advertise it as a 7 day weekly polish and I also use their top coat, but it still does start to come off after a few days for me, but my hands do take a beating during the day!

This time I have given it 2 coats of the top coat so we will see how long it lasts, fingers crossed :))

I bought mine from and it cost £8.00


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