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School Spending | Back To School 2017

I'm only going back to school mum if I can take the kitty and rabbit! #squadgoals
Hey everyone...
It's that time of year again! When parents across the globe spend a small fortune on uniform and stationary (and all the other little extras that the shops say you must also squeeze in). I'm thinking that August is actually my least favourite month of the year because of buying uniform, as I would rather be spending that money on more important things... like nail polish and holographic clothes.
When I first thought about doing a post on 'what I buy for school for my kids' I was going to do an 'epic' post listing everything that I bought for all 3 of my kids; which would make this post stupidly long and quite boring. So instead I decided to pick my youngest child who is 3yrs old and going into her 2nd year of nursery (due to the age cut off rules in the UK), and my friends daughter who is 9yrs old and going into Year 5 of primary school.
I am going to first just li…

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